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Rabbit of the Day

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This community has one all-important purpose:

Every day I post a picture of a cuuuuuuuuuuuute rabbit. That's it! With rabbitoftheday, every day you can get a photo of an adorable, fabulous bunny on your friend's list. No one posts but me, so you won't get overwhelmed. Just one bunny photo a day, set behind an lj-cut.

These aren't just ANY rabbit photos either - only the ones I judge as ubercute. Cause let's face it, there are oodles of blurry bunny photos on the net, due to their habit of being fast lil critters!

Most of these pictures are mined from the internet; I claim absolutely no copyright unless I say so. Feel free to point me to ubercute bunny pictures which I may have missed!

[I used to do this in my personal journal, but I figured many bunnylovers would enjoy the cute pictures without having to read about my daily activities!]